Corporate Office

   14961 S. State Ave.

   P.O. Box 339

   Middlefield, OH  44062

    General Manager: Mike Eastlake  email
    Controller: Bill Bullock  email
    Credit: Roxanne Soltis  email
    Stock & Equities: Debby Miller  email
Monday - Friday
Saturday - Sunday


Phone: 440-632-1192

Toll Free: 888-427-6672

Fax:    440-632-1258

NEW: Click here - to use our new on-line account access (New users please click "Create New Account". You will need your WRFC account number found on your statements. Username and password are your choice, provided the username is unique). The on-line system will provide statements, grain and card fueling account information. Please allow up to three business days for us to activate your account (usually within 24 hours).








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